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Transporting potatoes from the field to the plant and through a production line with the least amount of crop damage requires data.

Cavendish, LambWeston, McCain, and JR Simplot are the four largest producers of french fries in the world. Though competitors, a common goal is to have product travel from the farm to the fork in the best possible condition.

With thousands upon thousands of potatoes required to keep each facility running at profitable levels, it is imperative that the largest percentage possible of the crop arrives in final production in the best possible condition. With a complex process that spans from harvesting to packaging, possible points of damage and related causes are many and varied. Without data that follows the chain of events, it is a challenge to understand where vital changes need to be made.


SmartSpud™ tracks and notifies in real-time where damage to crop is occurring.

SmartSpud™ is an exact replica of a potato that is used in facilities all over the world to measure impact that the product receives in processing and handling. Location tracking with wireless Bluetooth beacons pinpoint the origin of any damages and allows quick opportunity for improvement.


At each location, the system is used for bruise management during farming, harvest, grading and storage. It is also used for equipment calibration including speed on the harvester and its blade angle, conveyer speed and boom height, truck speed and height. The system is also deployed during processing how the product goes through processing; identifying impact points, demonstrating where problem areas exist and how severe they are. This information provides the context needed to take data-driven actions and set best-practices.


Ultimately, SmartSpud™ is a reliable tool to ensure profitability, day-in, day-out at each of these top producers. 

Large french fry producers reduce product damage in their facilities around the world.

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Less damage


More profit

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