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Keep the shell intact.

Consistently boost quality rates by 2% to 10%.

The person cracking an egg should be the consumer. Damage in the egg handling process not only creates a mess and reduces product quality but of course goes straight to the reduction in bottom line profit. Measure the impact your eggs are receiving during processing. Customers using the CracklessEgg™ report that quality rates routinely improve by 2% to 10%.

How the process works:

Despite the shape and appearance of an ordinary egg, CracklessEgg™ is a wireless sensor solution. It provides a real-time measure of impact to your eggs, as well as the location and severity of the damage, displayed on your system's tablet. Take immediate corrective action to prevent hairlines and product loss. 


Maximizing the hatchability of each egg by measuring shell damage to minimize micro fractures, hairlines, star fractures, pinhole and toe-holes.


From eggs to delicate produce, mechanical processes cause costly damage that can be avoided by measuring, locating and isolating the source. 

Equipment Calibration
Equipment Calibration

Get an objective measurement to immediately inform as to whether your calibrations are effective at reducing damage.

Features + Benefits

Reduce damage and cracking by as much as 10%.
Improve line efficiencies, targeting downtime and maintenance.
Test new equipment in quick time.
Measure levels of shock throughout the entire line.
Make data-driven decisions.

Configurable App

Customized thresholds quickly detect areas where G-Force measurements exceed product threshold.

Exact-shape replicas

Heat and water resistant acrylic replicas are based on small and large egg sizes, balanced to imitate chicken eggs.

Web-Based Dashboard

Compare data runs and generate reports from anywhere via an easy-to-use web interface.

Smart Sensors

Virtual remote sensors travel through your line to monitor the entire process, not just a moment in time.

Pre-Loaded Tablet

The aaggrrii™ app ships pre-loaded on a Windows-based tablet for quick set-up and real-time calibration.

Optional Wireless Location Tracking

Bluetooth wireless real-time systems pinpoint exact location where product damage occurs.

Technical Specifications

Data Recording

Sampling Rate: Up to 100,000 samples/second to ensure 99% repeatability on any given point.


Type: Rechargeable Li-Ion
Charge: 8 hours continuous use

Impact Detection

Accelerometers: 5
Triaxial Accelerometers provide comprehensive 360º detection.


Range: 300 ft.
Other: Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0

Our dashboard pinpoints problems in minutes.

System includes CracklessEgg™ sensors, tablet, location tracking beacons and web dashboard access. 


Watch it in action.

"The benefits of the CracklessEgg™ have surpassed any expectations we may have had. We can pinpoint exactly where improvements can be made. I can’t imagine anyone not having this tool to increase their revenue."

Paul Sauder, Owner
Sauder’s Eggs