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Limit bruised produce.

Increase yield within minutes and reduce waste upwards of 50%.

Countless labour hours planting and harvesting, along with months of growing time can be wiped out in seconds in harvesting, handling, and packaging lines. Deploy ProduceQC™ from the field to the processing lines to measure the impact damage your crop is experiencing to pinpoint trouble areas and take appropriate action against bruising. 

How the process works

Designed to replicate your produce on the line, ProduceQC™ is a complete wireless sensor solution providing a real-time measure of impact. Location tracking pinpoints the origin of damage and opportunities for improvement, displayed on your system's tablet. Take immediate corrective action to prevent bruising or other unwanted damage.


Find out where your produce is experiencing the most damage and find out now. No more time spent guessing at solutions.


From eggs to delicate produce, mechanical processes cause costly damage that can be avoided by measuring, locating and isolating the source.


Thoroughly test the protection level and efficacy of your packaging design in processing and transportation before it goes into full production.

Features + Benefits

Reduce damage and bruising by as much as 50%.
Improve processes for delicate produce such as apples, stone-fruits, tomatoes and more.
Measure levels of impact in the field and throughout the entire processing line.
Test new equipment in quick time.
Make data-driven decisions.

Configurable App

Customized thresholds quickly detect areas where G-Force measurements exceed product threshold.

Interchangeable Pod System

Transferable sensor pods enable flexibility and cost-effective expansion to multiple crop varieties.

Smart Sensors

Virtual remote sensors travel through your line to monitor the entire process, not just a moment in time.

Exact-shape replicas

Heat and water resistant urethane replicas are based on various sizes and shapes of produce and other crop varieties.

Pre-Loaded Tablet

The aaggrrii™ app ships pre-loaded on a Windows-based tablet for quick set-up and real-time calibration.

Web-Based Dashboard

Compare data runs and generate reports from anywhere via an easy-to-use web interface.

Optional Wireless Location Tracking

Bluetooth wireless real-time systems pinpoint exact location where product damage occurs.

Technical Specifications

Data Recording

Sampling Rate: Up to 100,000 samples/second to ensure 99% repeatability on any given point.


Type: Rechargeable Li-Ion
Charge: 8 hours continuous use

Impact Detection

Accelerometers: 5
Triaxial Accelerometers provide comprehensive 360º detection.


Range: 300 ft.
Other: Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0

Our dashboard pinpoints problems in minutes.

System includes ProduceQC™ sensors, tablet, location tracking beacons and web dashboard access.


Watch it in action.

"ProduceQC™ has helped Stemilt refine its conveying process for fresh apple and cherry packing. We have made several improvements to our existing lines that have helped with our overall production process."

Mike Young
Stemilt Growers