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Fast operating speeds to achieve operational efficiency is a challenge when mixed with sensitive eggs and bio-security concerns.

When dealing with the production of more than 1.5 million egg laying hens, processing efficiently is bound to bring its own set of challenges.


Egga GMBH reported rejects due to cracks and damage just below the 5% mark. For such a large operation, this is both lost revenue on the market and wasted resources spent on the hens. Broken eggs not only cause downtime for clean-up, but also increase the risk of contamination in a location where bio-security is a top priority.


CracklessEgg™ identifies and measures root causes of eggshell damage.

To address this issue, the CracklessEgg™, an exact replica of a table egg embedded with real-time impact measurement sensors, was placed in the line with the regular eggs. By communicating impact data immediately to a tablet through wireless technology, employees in charge of quality control were able to use the information to instantly adjust calibrations. From point of lay to final packaging, each set-point area of processing was evaluated on a weekly basis.


Whenever certain equipment and transfer points showed impact above an established thresholds (22G), adjustments were quickly made to address the issue. The CracklessEgg™ system was then used again to evaluate the result of each calibration. By using this approach on a case by case basis throughout the processing line, the following results were observed:


- Overall eggshell damage was reduced to 2.5%, demonstrating a 50% reduction in damage.

- Reduced levels of waste across all ages of flocks but greater in post 47 week flocks where eggs are more vulnerable.

- Vastly reduced downtime caused by cleanups.

- Hygiene improved along the processing line, resulting in a reduced risk of contamination.

- $40 000 (£ 25 000) per week in increased revenue was gained which meant a two day ROI.

- This study is supported by similar findings in other companies across the table egg and broiler hatching egg sectors.

With over $40,000 of value added per week, ROI on CracklessEgg™ was just 2 days.

< 2.5%

Reduced cracks

$40 000

Value added /week

2 Days


We purchased a CracklessEgg™ from Havard & Associates (a MASITEK agent), and after using the sensor system we reduced cracks by more than 2.5% resulting in a value gained of £ 25,000 ($40,000) per week to the business and an ROI of 2 days (following the initial time to do the full line checks). In addition to these monetary results we also reduced waste across all ages of flocks, improved hygiene and minimized contamination. I would highly recommend this product.

Manager, Operations