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Bruise management plan lacked data to identify points of damage.

Cultivating a crop requires a significant investment in time and labour as well as raw materials. When the crop is ready, the goal becomes is to then get as much of that product to the sale location in the best possible condition.


In the case of a particular community of potato farms in Western US, their bruise management plan was in-place but lacked data to identify issues with harvest before the issue was catastrophic. So potato crops susceptible to damage by equipment, rocks and transportation to the customer were experiencing such damage but the root causes were unknown.


SmartSpud™ measures the 'experience' of a real potato throughout the harvesting process.

The sensor technology within the SmartSpud™ system was deployed to generate real-time information regarding the impact the product was experiencing during the harvesting process. When an issue arises, the fix can be almost immediate and the result is more crop getting to storage or their customer’s facility without cuts and bruises. 


SmartSpud™ is a smart replica of a potato and measures damage identify and identifies the location of the damage.  The ability to pinpoint the origin of damage and opportunities for improvement helped this leading group of potato farms identify the weak points in their process, ultimately saving thousands of dollars in wasted product.

Western US potato growers deploy SmartSpud™, adding half a million dollars to their bottom line.

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