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(Moncton NB) – MASITEK Instruments Inc. is pleased to announce that their line of agricultural products will now fall under a newly-created division, branded as aaggrrii Technology.

“Our work over the years in the agricultural field is now creating growth at an exponential rate and in order to support the specific needs of our customers from harvesters to producers, we needed to make the change to a separate division,” says Tracy Clinch, President and CEO of MASITEK.

With this transition, MASITEK Instruments Inc. will now consist of two unique divisions. In addition to the agriculturally-focused aaggrrii Technology division, the company has also formed MMAAZZ Technology for the bottling, canning and packaging industry. While both MASITEK divisions produce embedded sensor solutions with virtual replicas to aid in increased production, reduced downtime and higher quality output; the requirements of the respective sectors of the food industry vary significantly.

“For instance, glass scuffing on a line simply isn’t relevant to a harvester that wants us to provide solid research on how impact affects their crop,” explains Clinch, on the subject of how users are looking for collateral specific to their sector.

The move to a separate division will allow the company to focus resources on the unique needs of the agricultural client with the ultimate goal of better serving that market. While clients can expect enhanced collateral from marketing to training materials, current clients will notice no disruption in service and no changes to the product.

The aaggrrii Technology office will remain within the MASITEK Head Office at 467 Main Street, Suite 400, Moncton, New Brunswick Canada. The new web site for the division will be at and will launch in early October of this year.

“It is important to us that our current customers know that nothing but the name has changed,” states Clinch.