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Bottom line: From broilers to laying hens to turkeys, the poultry industry demands breeding stock of the highest calibre.

Maximize the hatchability of each egg

Fact of the matter is, not all fertile eggs hatch and cracks greatly reduce the hatchability of an egg. Even micro fractures invisible to the naked eye can be the Grand Canyon for bacteria, viruses, parasites and more. Implementing a routine quality control with investigative benchmarks is a standard in the industry, yet hatching rates still hover at 85% percent. The CracklessEgg™ will improve these results almost immediately. Having the CracklessEgg™ replica sensor follow the mechanized handling system provides objective data as to where issues occur in real time.

Third party audits are a costly way to address areas of concern

Micro-fractures, hairlines and star fractures, pinhole and toe-holes are all a result of specific conditions. As such, it is not enough to just find the source of shell damage, we need to be able to measure it. The CracklessEgg™ in-line sensor provides location-based impact data, accurate at 99%. Not only can you pinpoint specific areas of egg vulnerability, but each calibration and adjustment made to address the problem is backed by objective data. The CracklessEgg™ solution eliminates guesswork, speeds handling and increases profit.

Reduce vaccination need in young chicks

Strict bio security measures coupled with state of the art hatching technology provides optimal conditions for hatching eggs. Yet, weakened and cracked eggs leave the membrane exposed to potential viruses and diseases, decreasing the overall health potential of a flock. This increases the cost of vaccination and other related medicinal measures necessary to keep the flock healthy. By optimizing your egg handling process using the CracklessEgg™ sensor, you increase profit not only by raising hatchability levels, but also by reducing future medical related costs.

Maximize hatch rates. Skip expensive audits. Reduce vaccination costs.
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“We had all new equipment and egg collection and we wanted to check for weaknesses,” he explains. “It was a very quick cost return. We have very large farms with 100,000 to 200,000 birds each, and if you can reduce cracks by 1%, you will have large savings immediately.”

Ingo Harsman, Production Manager
Eifrisch Vermarktung Company