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Have faith soon after Tracy Clinch joined Masitek in 2012, the company faced an ultimatum.

As an in-line smart sensing technology company, Masitek had been looking to incorporate technology from another company into their products. However, when they decided to go with something different, Clinch says the other company took their idea and commercialized the product.

Clinch says Masitek had two options: legal action, or “hold firm on the knowledge that the product offering we had for the customer was a stronger option.”

They chose the latter. To date, she says that Masitek hasn’t lost a competitive bid to the other company, and trusting in the quality of their product was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

Growth through guidance Since 2014, Clinch has helped Masitek grow by 352 per cent and has seen their employee numbers grow from nine to 11. That growth is a direct result of investments in innovation: continuous client consultation, technology upgrades, new product developments, and creative marketing solutions. Additionally, the company has secured partnerships with two Spanish companies to improve the longevity of reusable glass and aluminum bottles.

Success breeds success For Clinch, success isn’t something she did on her own. She also acknowledges those who’ve inspired and worked with her: her co-workers, her mentors and her family. She specifically salutes the influence of her siblings (who are both successful entrepreneurs) and her hard-working parents.

"My entire identity is Atlantic Canadian… All the experience I needed to be successful, I found right here.”